Tutorial: How to download sermon recordings on the smartphone

Hello again. This post is for people having difficulties downloading the sermon recordings on their smartphone.

The login steps remain the same from the previous post. All that is different now is the final screen.

Click on the Download button circled in red below to download the sermon recording to your phone. That’s it!


Tutorial: How to download sermon recordings on the PC

Hello! Noticed quite a few people having difficulty downloading the audios. In this first of a 2 part series, I’ll attempt to walk you through a series of pictures on how to download sermon recordings on your PC (desktop/laptop). Let’s begin!

First, you’ll come to this page which requires you to insert the password before accessing the sermon recordings. Go ahead and type in the password (all capital letters with an apostrophe ! behind). Hit Submit.

Note: You may click on the pictures to view the original size.


Once successful, you will arrive at this page below. Now simply choose any sermon recording you wish to listen to and click on the link. (Do let me know if any links are broken etc)


A black screen will pop up as shown in the picture below. To download the file to your PC, simply click on the button circled in red. Or if you wish to listen to the sermon recording in the browser, just click on the button circled in yellow.


That’s it, you’re done! Do let me know in the comments below or in person if you encounter any issues.

God Bless!


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